Transponder Keys, Problems

When it comes on to transponder keys, don’t rely on just any company that deals with transponder keys. Some of them will be a genuine waste of your time and money.

What Can Go Wrong with Your Transponder Keys?

Getting a vehicle that operates with a transponder key is one of the best decisions that you can make. Not only will this type of key enhance the safety of your vehicle, it is often a much more convenient way to gain access to the vehicle. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be immune to problems with your car key. In fact, having a transponder key will only add to the list of possible problems that you can experience.

But, do you know all the things that can go wrong with these keys? This is a question that has so many different answers. Remember, they are not super keys. They can undergo the same damages as a regular car key and much more. Here are a few problems that you can encounter with them.

  • It can get stuck in the ignition
    Just like your average car key, a transponder key can get stuck in the ignition. Hopefully, it will just be a sign that you are in the wrong gear or you need to adjust your steering wheel. If not, be very careful as you try to release your key. We’re sure that you don’t want to end up with a broken key. This can end up costing you a whole lot more.
  • The transponder chip may fall out
    If you are a bit clumsy when it comes to your keys, you may end up dropping them a lot. Or, as a parent, you may hand your keys over to your child as a means of entertainment and they end up throwing it across the room. When it comes to your transponder keys, and any other key for that matter, try not to drop them too much. Sometimes they can experience irreversible damage. For example, the chip in the transponder key can fall out, making it completely useless for starting your vehicle.
  • The key gets bent
    If you’ve never had problems with a bent key, you may be wondering how problematic can it be. But, any type of bend or disfigurement of a key can make a totally useless. If the damage is not extensive, you still may be able to use the key. However, you should accept the fact that your key could end up being broken as you turn it in the ignition.
  • You may break the key
    Having a broken key is pretty much the same as having no key at all. How will you start your vehicle if the key is broken? It is even worse if the key broke while you attempted to start the vehicle. This may mean that a small piece is stuck in the ignition cylinder. If your transponder key breaks, make sure you find a locksmith to make a new key for you. Unless you have a spare, this will be the only way to start your vehicle.
  • You lose the key or it gets stolen
    One common problem that many vehicle owners face is not being able to find their keys. Certainly, if you have no keys, you won’t be able to operate your vehicle. But, there are other implications associated with a lost or stolen key. You never know whose hands it will end up in. For situations like these, think carefully about your options. Ensure that you make the best choice regarding creating new keys, rekeying locks and so on.
  • The transponder chip needs reprogramming
    The transponder chip in your key is very important when it comes to how your key works. It has to send a signal to the computer in your vehicle just so the vehicle can start. Without this signal, you won’t be able to start your car. Unfortunately, the chip may stop working because it needs reprogramming. If you are unable to program it on your own, be sure to take it to a locksmith to get it working again.

What Should You Do if You Have Problems with Your Transponder Key?

Can you imagine being late for a very important event, only to realize that your transponder key isn’t working? That sounds like a disaster. What would you do? Would you have to call a taxi? It is times like these that a spare key can come in very handy.

Having just one key for your vehicle is not one of the smartest things to do. Sure, it may be a used vehicle and you only received one key when you purchased it, but it is your duty to make sure that you get it duplicated. Instead of having to call a taxi and making yourself even more late, you could simply retrieve your spare key and be on your merry way.

A spare key can solve many transponder key problems. But, if you don’t have a spare key, you may have to get one made if your key breaks or it becomes useless. This can end up being a bit expensive as transponder keys are not as easy to make as regular car keys. Hiring the services of a locksmith may be the least expensive way to get a new transponder key. Yes, you can get them made at your dealer. But, in most cases, you end up spending a fortune to do so. Once you find a locksmith, you’ll end up spending a fraction of that cost. Plus, you’ll get a key that is well-made and works perfectly well in your ignition.